work by Lesli Sharples

The conceptions of the light-sculptures created by Lesli Sharples are rooted in her desire to investigate the interdependencies between Newtonian Physics and contemporary Fine Art in concurrence with the faculty of sight. Two different types of miniature artworks are produced including pieces that depict the scientific phenomena of light and movement, as well as figurative dioramas that are based upon various themes.

Low-voltage lighting, optical lenses and motorised movement are consolidated to manipulate the sensory perceptions of audiences and through the harnessing of light, which is merged with contrived visual stimuli, illusion, distortion and trickery result in ocular spatial deception.

Potentially, the subject matter for the conception of future artworks is infinite, whilst the theoretical contents of Sharples’ recent sculptures are based upon classical literature through which historical, political, cultural and humanitarian issues are explored.

The intricate construction of these TINY WORLDS force fantasy to collide with reality and interfaces between the past and the present are juxtaposed through metaphorical representations that are momentarily believable in the poetic imagination.

Through the conscious, and unconscious, mind viewers are enticed by an intimate and voyeuristic experience to discover a sense of wonder inside tiny hybrid worlds where humanities disposition for aspiring to ‘play god’ might be realised and to contemplate the implications of mankind’s yearning for power.

Minimum Scale: 1:250
Minimum Size: 9 cms x 9 cms x 11 cms
Auditory Works: Digital recordings reinforce the narrative of selected artworks

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